Wild Lights Asian Lantern Festival at The Louisville Zoo

The Louisville Zoo announced today that it is going to be selling tickets for the Wild Lights Asian Lantern Festival from July 9th through August 28th Thursdays through Sundays! The Louisville Zoo was in the midst of the Wild Lights Asian Lantern Festival when coronavirus hit and everything closed. It was a question as to whether or not we would actually get to experience the lanterns in any capacity, but I got to see them in person when I went to the zoo and they are amazing. I'm sure it will be extra spectacular at night with them all lit up. For more information on the Louisville Zoo Social Distancing procedures click here.

The display is all over the entire Zoo walking trail from the moment you walk in to the time you leave. With over 2,000 lanterns and 65 large scenes including a 130 foot long dragon a shark tunnel and more. These displays are so incredibly detailed and incredible to see in person. To reserve your tickets click here.

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