Unicorn Cake

Full disclosure, this was a super messy activity. But we had tons of fun making it.

my mom got my oldest a unicorn cake set for Christmas. The set included a silicone mold and was super easy to use. (Just make sure you use an oil, butter or cooking spray so it does stick to the mold)

I found a recipe on Pinterest for cake. This is what it looked like straight out of the oven.

We used store bought icing and I showed them how to ice with the white icing.

I let them tell me what colors they wanted to use. And we used food coloring to mix the different colors.

I let the kids do the decorating and the rest of the icing.

And here is the final produc and I know they will want to make it again.

I think they had more fun making it than actually eating it 😂

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