Social Distance Trick or Treating Ideas

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year! It does not have to be cancelled! Here are some ways to keep traditional trick or treating alive!!

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Placing a decorated table out with prepackaged treats that have been wiped down will help to contact, social distanced fun.

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PVC Pipe cut at 6 feet is pretty inexpensive at any home improvement store. Decorate it up in your favorite style and slide the treats down the tube.

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Halloween Egg Hunt

Similar to the traditional Easter Egg Hunts, we could replace the eggs with certain colors or glow in the dark eggs.

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Sticks of Candy

packages Of skewers from the grocery store or orange wood sticks from a beauty supply store are pretty cheap. However it may be a little time consuming to tape all the candy to the sticks, but this would allow kids to come and pick out sticks of candy without contact.

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A zip line candy drop would be an awesome way to social distance and trick or treat at the same time.

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Use claw grabbers to grab and give candy, perfect for social distancing

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Hanging prepackaged treats on a clothes line would be a great way for kids to grab treats while social distancing.

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Hang treats off a giant spiderweb

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Create a punch board using plastic disposable cups, place treats inside and tape tissue paper over the opening of the cup. Kids get to punch through the paper to get to the treat. Paper and cups are all disposable and perfect for social distancing.

Use a tri-folding poster board, glue on some clothes pins and decorate!! Super easy and great for neighborhoods with few kids.

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