Kentucky Restaurants Open on May 22nd

Updated: May 26, 2020

As restaurants are opening on May 22nd please have some patience as we are all navigating through this pandemic together and have a new list of requirements they need to meet. Typically the rule of thumb for a brand new restaurant opening is to give them at least 3 months of being open to work out their kinks and practice the recipes before deciding if you like the restaurant or not. We are now dealing with all restaurants working through new orders and practices so lets give all our restaurants and restaurant workers some grace and courtesy. Also please tip properly, most people have lost alot of income or are working very limited hours.

Here are some of the requirements for restaurants to follow:


*Employees need to wear masks and gloves

*Employees need to stay 6 feet away except when serving food or drinks


*Restaurants can refuse to serve customers who won't wear face masks in common areas such as entrance and exits and restrooms

* Encouraged to use call-ahead seating or reservations

*Keep children's play area closed

*Encouraged to have special hours for seniors and high risk customers


*Restrooms will need to have a limited number of people entering at one time

*All restaurants have a 33% capacity maximum

*Party size is limited to 10 people maximum, parties that have different residences seated at separate tables

*Restaurants may limit entry to the dining room to one group at a time

*Restaurants may ask customers to wait in cars until their table is ready

Dining area:

*Tables or booths must be at least 6 feet apart even outdoors

*Disposable napkins, tablecloths, disposable utensils and condiments in individual containers.

*No reusable/ cloth tablecloths or napkins, everything must be sanitized in between each seating

*Partitions between tables

*No self-serve drink stations or place to pour creamer into coffee, condiments, fruit, sweeteners, creamers. Anything that is not single use in disposable packages

*No buffets, or salad bars, gloved employees must do all the serving

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