Rainbow Celery

We did the Rainbow Celery Experiment 🌈 and the kids thought it was so cool!

All you need is:

Celery (super leafy lettuce works best)

Food Coloring




  1. Cut the bottom off the celery (Adults only)

  2. Fill each cup about half full with water

  3. Add desired amount of food coloring to each cup (We added 10 drops to each cup)

  4. Add a celery stalk to each cup with the leaves at the top

  5. Wait for 24-48 hours and watch the celery change colors

How it works:

If you look at the bottom of a stalk of celery, you will see some tiny circles which are actually tubes. Similar to straws or blood vessels they carry the liquid through the tubes and changes the color of the stalk of celery.

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