Parents Night Out is back at My Gym Louisville

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

This Friday night starts back Parents Night Out at My Gym Louisville!!! What all does it include and how often is it? I'm glad you asked!!

  • Every other Friday Night from 5pm-9pm

  • 4 hours of free play in the gym

  • Pizza or other dinner provided with drink provided

  • Craft or Activity included

  • Usually has a theme

  • Ages 16 months to 11 years

  • Cost is $25 for the 1st kid

  • $15 for the 2nd kid

  • $5 for each kid after that

My kids have been going to parents night out at my gym for a long time. It's such a wonderful experience. My husband and I get to spend 4 glorious hours together and when we pick the kids up, they have been fed, they are completely worn out and they can't wait to go back and do it again.

To get your kid(s) registered either call (502)614-6001 or click here to register online.

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