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JCPS to Make Daily Announcements for In-Person or Virtual Learning

In a press conference with Superintendent Marty Pollio on January 24th, 2022, stated that they will make daily announcements regarding whether or not school will be held in person or non traditional instruction. This will leave many parents and families needing childcare on standby, for when or if the following day will be held remotely.

Many schools are still experiencing staff shortages from either testing positive to Covid or attending to family members that have tested positive. Pollio wants to make sure that we have enough staffing to cover classrooms and continue educating students.

We have 2 NTI Days and 10 remote days remaining available. According to Pollio they will be looking at certain schools or levels that may have more of an impact to work remotely. For instance elementary might be in person and middle and high schools may be virtual.

To keep up with your school staff shortages view this googledoc below. As this list is updated daily: JCPS COVID19 Daily Data

Watch the full press conference here:

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