JCPS Superintendent Recommendations for the 2020-21 school year

In a press conference this evening Dr. Marty Pollio, Superintendent of JCPS announced his recommendations for the upcoming school year. The JCPS Board of Education will make its official announcement on Tuesday, July 21st. The synopsis is:

  • He recommends online instructions for the first 6 weeks of school to keep students and staff safe and healthy

  • At the end of the 6 weeks at the end of September JCPS will evaluate the numbers of Covid-19 and make a decision at that time for the rest of fall

  • NTI will be different from the spring

  • calling it NTI 2.0

  • More robust program that will support students from pre-k to 12th grade

  • New instruction and meaningful experiences

  • Providing NTI to-go kits that will provide school supplies and other learning materials to help support equity

  • More live and recorded instruction

  • More interaction with classmates and teachers

  • More guided coursework

  • Individualized to meet the needs of learners

  • Frequent communication from the school and teacher

  • Not the intention to spend 6 hours per day on the screen

  • More online field trips

  • Opportunities to take online learning and apply it hands on and offline

  • NTI will be more streamlined

  • The goal is to be more consistent platforms in place for ease of understanding in a format that students will be familiar with.

  • Parents will get more information about orientation and opportunities to learn how to navigate online learning

  • JCPS has ordered 30,000 more chromebooks to pass out to families who need help getting the technology in homes with connectivity

  • JCPS will announce where to register for school supplies and chromebooks

  • Participation rate will be measured daily

  • more face time between teachers and students

  • better services for special needs students and English language learners

  • Increased accountability

  • Working towards finding more support, community services and community support

  • Will continue on with meal service

  • Have to have a device with connectivity for every special education and ECE services

  • If the board approves then school will begin August 25th

Please stay tuned for more up to date official information on Tuesday as well as a list of community resources and businesses that are open to helping families with NTI, social distancing and childcare. For information about homeschooling please click here.

To watch the whole interview press play:

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