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JCPS Plans for School January 18-21, 2022

As many parents are needing to make plans whether children will attend in person or non-traditional instruction; Superintendent Marty Pollio held a press conference Friday, January 14th to address what the plan for next week January 18th through January 21st is going to be.

Based on two events:

  1. This weekend we are expected to have a winter weather storm watch. With the expected snowfall, Marty Pollio wants to make sure the roads are safe enough for students to travel.

  1. Currently the shortages of staff have made it difficult to operate schools at a basic functioning level. Many students and staff are still on quarantine from testing positive for Covid.

Announcement for next week expected on Monday, January 17th in the afternoon

Other important information:

  • Board meeting will be held at a later date to determine that last day of school

  • By law there were 10 days of NTI available by state

  • 4 of these days have now been used, leaving 6 days available to use

Watch the press conference here:

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