JCPS Official Plan for 2020-21 School Year

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

The Jefferson County Board of Education held their press conference last night where they announced their official plan for this upcoming 2020-21 school year. (Let's just say I'm glad I'm not in their shoes right now)

The first day of school is now Tuesday, August 25th, which originally was planned for August 12th. After the six weeks they will evaluate the numbers of coronavirus cases and make a decision about when or if it is safe to return to in person classes. The additional time will allow more time for teacher planning and learning new technology, and allow JCPS to provide more chromebooks to families. The official last day of school has not been announced yet. (This puts a lot of families in a tight spot for childcare or NTI assistance, for information on what options there are and resources, please visit this link)

The board of education unanimously voted to start the the first six weeks on school with online instruction. JCPS had given 20,000 Chromebooks in the spring to provide to families who did not have access to technology, for the fall they ordered an additional 30,000 Chromebooks. Plus an order for WiFi hotspots for families that do not have access to high speed internet. For information on how to apply or a Chromebook or Internet Hotspot please visit this link.

JCPS will have different requirements for this school year for Non Traditional Instruction, they are now calling it NTI 2.0. Here are a few examples of the changes:

  1. More live and recorded instruction much like a traditional in person classroom

  2. More opportunities for interaction with classmates and teachers

  3. More guided coursework that will be individualized to meet the needs of each student

  4. Parents can expect frequent communication from the school and teacher

  5. Online field trips

  6. Opportunities to take NTI education to hands on/ off line projects

  7. More streamlined approach to NTI

  8. JCPS goal is to have consistent platforms in place for ease of understanding and a format that students will be familiar with

  9. Providing NTI-to-go kits that include school supplies and items to help support equity

This is a draft of what the school calendar may look like:

JCPS plans on continuing its Nutrition Services with drive up or walk up locations. Please visit this link for more information.

Let's all take a deep breath! No matter what decision the board would have approved there would have been many families uncomfortable with the plan. However there are local places that are working on options for families for childcare, NTI support, resources and help. The article I am writing about these local resources will help many families. If you have a business or a local resource for families that would like to be included in the article please email so we can add that information. Thank you.

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