Homeschooling in Kentucky

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

A lot of people are considering homeschooling their kids next school due to the safety concerns with coronavirus. Here is everything you need to know about homeschooling in Kentucky:

Homeschooling is treated as an individual private school, therefore it is up to the parent to provide the curriculum. Stay tuned for a list of homeschool curriculums you can purchase and references for homeschools.

Here is the link to the Home School Information Packet from the Kentucky Department of Education.

Step 1:

Notify the superintendent in writing of your intention to homeschool your child(ren). Best practice says 2 weeks or 10 business days prior to the start of the new school year, but not entirely necessary.The letter your write to the superintendent must include:

  • Name(s) of Child(ren)

  • age(s)

  • residence

Here are the addresses of each school district in and around Louisville:

Jefferson County Public School

Pupil Personnel/ Home School

Attn: Kim McEntire

P.O. Box 34020

Louisville, Ky 40232-4020

Oldham County Public School


6165 W. Hwy 146

Crestwood, Ky 40014

Spencer County Board of Education

207 W. Main St.

Taylorsville, Ky 40071

Nelson County Schools

288 Wildcat Ln

Bardstown, Ky 40004

Bullitt County Public Schools

1040 Hwy 44E,

Shepherdsville, Ky 40165

Henry County Public Schools

326 S. Main St.

New Castle, Ky 40050

Shelby County Public Schools

1155 W. Main St.

Shelbyville, Ky 40066-0159

Trimble County Schools

116 Wentworth Ave.

Bedford, Ky 40006

Hardin County Schools

65 W. A. Jenkins Rd

Elizabethtown, Ky 42701

Meade County Schools

1155 Old Ekron Rd

Brandenburg, Ky 40108

Please verify that this is the correct address, page 6 of the Homeschool Information packet from the Kentucky Department of Education

Step 2

Establish a school name for future records and diplomas

Step 3

Record and maintain progress in all subjects taught

  • Record Courses taught

  • Record All Grades

  • Keep a portfolio of best sample work

Step 4

Keep accurate attendance records.

  • Must be readily available in case of inquiry

  • Minimum of 1062 instructional hours over the course of a minimum of 170 days.

Step 5

Subjects taught should include:

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Spelling

  • Grammar

  • History

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Civics

It is a parents right to offer other subjects including secondary languages, religion, life skills/ Home economics etc.

Other Information:

  1. It is a requirement that all core instruction be offered in the English Language.

  2. Students from non-accredited/ non-certified private schools or homeschools do not receive a diploma recognized by the Kentucky Department of Education

  3. It is the responsibility of the homeschool to issue a diploma to the student(s)

  4. Homeschools cannot seek traditional accreditation

  5. Unless a homeschooling family functions as a satellite classroom for an accredited/ certified school, other schools or agencies may require documentation or other verification before accepting homeschool diplomas

  6. Some homeschooled children take the GED exam to obtain standard credentials, others take the SAT or ACT tests

  7. Extracurricular activities sponsored by the public schools is decided upon by individual school districts

  8. There are a multitude of extracurricular activities your child(ren) can enjoy that does not involve a public school including sports, scouts, 4-H, robotics, music, etc. Some even have the potential to earn college scholarships. Stay tuned for more information on those.

  9. No Pass/ No Drive for homeschooled students is the same as for students attending public schools for more information please visit this link

  10. Enrolling/ re-enrolling in public schools

  11. If you choose to enroll in a public school after being homeschooled, the school district is responsible for proper placement and awarding credits for non- certified private school

  12. If there is no proper certified transcript, the schools may place the students either by passing a similar exam or the student must attain a "c" average int he course by the 12th week of school

  13. Students who complete a high school education in a homeschool setting approved under state law qualify for federal student aid (grants, loans and work-study funds)

  14. Visit the U.S. Department of Education's Federal Student Aid Website for complete information regarding eligibility.

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