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Feeding Ducks in and around Louisville

A great way to spend an afternoon with the kids is to feed the ducks and geese!

Safe things to feed ducks is:

  • Corn (Fresh, frozen or canned)

  • Duck pellets (sold online or at pet stores)

  • Lettuce (or other greens torn into tiny pieces)

  • Frozen peas (defrosted)

  • Oats

  • Seeds

Bread can have a bad reaction to a birds digestive system and can mold the water.

Here's a list of places to feed Ducks and Geese in and around Louisville, Kentucky:

Brown Park in St. Matthews

Click Here to View our Article on Brown Park

McNeely Lake Park

Long Run Park

Cave Hill Cemetary in the Highlands. Most people would be opposed to taking their kids to a cemetary, but Cave Hill Cemetary has a very deep rich history and even does tours.

Papa Johns Corporate Headquarters off Bluegrass Parkway

There is a large pond off of Lynn Station Road with a small bridge for feeding ducks and geese.

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