Disney Color Brain Game- Review

We bought Color Brain recently the kids love it. It says its for ages 8 and up, but you can easily modify the rules to make it more age appropriate. My 7 year old and 4 year old twins loved it!

There are 2 piles of cards. One pile is a pile of colors to pass out to the players. The other pile is a pile of guessing cards; it will give you a character, an outfit, characteristic etc. from a Disney movie and everyone puts down the color(s) that they think it is. They give you a score card to fill in.

Its actually a lot harder to remember all the colors than you would think. But we all had a good time laughing about the ones we got wrong.

My 7 year old said "I liked it because I won. Can we play again?"

4 year old twin 1 said " Let's play again"

4 year old twin 2 said "that was fun"

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