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Churchill Downs & Humana Present Kentucky Derby Festival JusticeFest 2023

Churchill Downs and Humana Present JusticeFest for its third year on the Kentucky Derby Festival schedule.

As part of this event, Jefferson County students from grades 3-12 are pitching ideas to propose solutions to community-wide issues! On Saturday, Feb. 25, they will present them to community leaders with hopes of initiating change. Students are bringing to the table topics on homelessness, trash disposal concerns, inclusiveness, and historical content from diverse communities. Their projects include interviewing and publishing books on justice issues, producing documentaries and animation to further the story and creating opportunities for hope and healing in Louisville.

JusticeFest is being produced as part of the Derby Equity and Community Initiative, with Kentucky Derby Festival, Churchill Downs and Humana. This program is one of a kind, and the Kentucky Derby Festival Foundation is bringing business and community leaders, along with mentors, advisers, teachers and other professionals to hear their ideas.

Do you have a participating Student? For information about your student’s schedule, pitch or other questions, please contact your student’s Justice Now teacher/coach.

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